The Independent Living Centres NSW (ILCNSW) is non-profit organization whose mission is to advance Assistive Technology policy and systems innovation with the Australian Government. To encourage development of evidence for practice in understanding the economic benefits, social benefits and effectiveness of Assistive Technology. To seek and identify emerging trends in Assistive Technology and advise of its application within the Australian context. ILCNSW’s Blacktown centre includes a full scale working model 1 bedroom apartment which complies with the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines, AS1428.1 and the Platinum 1 Bedroom design for Housing NSW. 

The apartment incorporates current smart home technology that can be linked to and controlled by the latest smart phones and tablets and also showcases the latest technology in home appliances. 

The centre is open to all users, architects, designers and developers. It has been designed to show how working and living environment can be designed to cater for everyone.

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